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Mother Yourself First Podcast

Jan 22, 2019

I want you all to give the warmest welcome to my guest for today, Pauline! I was so honored that she was willing to share her inspiring story with me and this community as one of my first interviews! If you don’t know Pauline at Fertility Mind and Body online, you will want to know her even more after this episode.  Today she courageously and eloquently shares her journey to motherhood through surrogacy and so much more in between.  She is a new mom to the sweetest baby girl and a fertility health coach encouraging women to honor their unique and often difficult fertility journeys and wants them know they are not alone and that there is helpful advice out there.


This is a must listen episode if you are someone who feels like you are the only one going through your health or fertility struggles and can’t imagine how you could relate to anyone.  Pauline openly voices her struggles and strengths through her process to become a mother and I think we can all relate to one point of it or another.  She is a beautiful soul who will capture your heart and help heal your wounds.  Get out a pen, paper and some tissues for this episode, you won’t want to stop listening.