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Mother Yourself First Podcast

Feb 19, 2019

Today I am so honored to have Victoria Nino on the podcast, a woman whose journey to motherhood involved years of disappointments and unexpected turns, a year of taking a break from it all and the major mindset shift she made that started the inspiring site, Expecting Anything, which is a place online for her to share her journey with infertility.

She was tired of fighting against all of the ridiculous expectations placed on her by society -  like when she should get married or start a family.  Along the way, she learned how to navigate the "secret world" of infertility - on her own So, she created Expecting Anything for other women, to make them laugh, remind them that they CAN DO THIS, and to offer resources to help them keep fighting like the warrior that they are!

I can’t wait for you to listen! Her story will leave you feeling inspired and hopeful, and more prepared to expect anything on this crazy journey of motherhood! And if you love this episode as much as I do, I would love for you to leave a review on the page.  Let us know what you think and what you want to hear more of!