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Mother Yourself First Podcast

Jan 8, 2019

Welcome to the Mother Yourself First Podcast! The very first episode today introduces what MYF is all about, myself, Laura, your host, and who else will be joining us on this podcast!


Today I am sharing my journey to motherhood and answering the questions all of my guests will be talking about in future episodes.  This is a glimpse into my life and how Mother Yourself First started.  


I'm sharing it allll this episode.  Being open and vulnerable around such a private topic is something I am looking to change in the fertility and women's health world.  Hopefully this episode will inspire you to be more open with your journey too!


Spoiler: I do give some major hints into how I got pregnant AND stayed pregnant, what were my lowest moments and how I got myself and my health back on track.  


I hope this serves you all and leaves you excited for more to come!